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Sony SEL-35F14Z 35mm F1.4 + 4-year Swiss warranty

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Sony SEL-35F14Z

Powerful Distagon wide-angle lens from ZEISS®

This fast 35 mm F1.4 ZEISS Distagon full-frame lens is ideal for hand-held indoor shots in low light conditions and for night shots.

  • E-mount, full-frame
  • Maximum aperture of F1.4
  • Outstanding resolution from the center of the image to the edge

Sony and ZEISS have combined the best that is possible with a focal length of 35 millimetres in this lens. Especially in difficult lighting conditions, the fast fixed focal length can fully demonstrate its strengths. The sharpness at open aperture is exceptional. This robust new lens is not only the first choice for professionals, whether on the move or in the studio. The SEL35F14Z is the first fixed focal length for the E-mount full-frame format with a lens speed of 1.4.

Sharp and clear across the entire image

Three aspherical elements, including a precision Advanced Aspherical (AA) element from Sony, create a beam path that effectively corrects aberrations and ensures razor-sharp images from the center of the frame to the edges. Image sharpness is maintained even at maximum aperture, so optical performance is constant at all exposure settings.

For shots in low light and a soft bokeh

Thanks to the maximum aperture of F1.4, you can achieve razor-sharp images with ease with this lens, even in low light conditions and hand-held shots. A circular aperture with 9 blades supports the creation of desired blur effects in the background (bokeh). A soft bokeh emphasizes objects in the picture and gives the composition more depth.

Outstanding colors and contrasts

ZEISS® lenses are known for their excellent color and contrast rendition. The ZEISS® T* coating is of crucial importance here, as it helps to avoid unwanted reflections that can degrade image quality. Ghosting and light effects are reduced in favor of vivid colors and contrasts that add depth and three-dimensionality to your images.

Quiet, fast and precise autofocus operation thanks to DDSSM

The new DDSSM (Direct Drive SSM) system is used for precise positioning of the heavy focus unit required for full-frame format and enables accurate focusing even at shallow depth of field. The DDSSM drive system is also remarkably quiet, making it ideal for filming, as scenes are recorded with a constantly changing focus.

Ideal for movies and photos

This lens is suitable for both filming and taking photos. For haptic feedback, the click of the aperture ring can be switched on to switch positions when taking photos. If operation is to be quiet and continuous, such as when shooting films, the noise can also be deactivated. In addition, the aperture ring enables very reduced breathing - a quality feature when filming.

High reliability in the most difficult conditions

The lens is protected against dust and moisture and can therefore be used reliably even under extreme conditions in the professional sector.

Size and weight: (WxH) 78.5 x 112 mm / 630 gr


Technische Details
44 °
Gewicht und Abmessungen
7.85 cm
Durchmesser (mm)
7.85 cm
630 g
Länge (mm)
112 mm
7.2 cm
Feste Brennweite
3.5 cm
0.3 m
Minimale Blendenzahl
Maximale Blendenzahl
Anzahl Blendenlamellen
Objektivaufbau (Elemente/Gruppen)
Betrachtungswinkel des Objektivs, diagonal
44 °
Sonstige Funktionen
112 mm
Maximaler Zoomfaktor
0.18 x
Warentarifnummer (HS)
Lowepro Lens Case 8 x 12 cm
1 Review
D. from Belmont
Sony SEL-35F14Z 35mm F1.4 + 4-year Swiss warranty
Sony SEL-35F14Z 35mm F1.4 + 4-year Swiss warranty Bild 1
SEL-35F14Z 35mm F1.4 + 4-year Swiss warranty
Sony SEL-35F14Z 35mm F1.4 + 4-year Swiss warranty
Sony SEL-35F14Z 35mm F1.4 + 4-year Swiss warranty thumb 0
Sony SEL-35F14Z 35mm F1.4 + 4-year Swiss warranty thumb 1