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FOCUS Firestore FS-4 Pro HD (80GB)

Focus FOCUS Firestore FS-4 Pro HD (80GB)

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This kit now includes the HDV format editing  

The ultimate FOCUS - Fire doors for hand-held camcorders is here

FOCUS - Firestore FS-4 Pro

Portable DTE (DirectToEdit) recorder with a larger storage capacity (80 GB), additional DTE formats (MXF / Pinnacle AVI, Avid DV OMF) and other additional pulse features

Now any advantages of tapeless acquisition with true Direct To Edit (DTE) technology use. Safe Shooting with the smallest FireStore who ever built!

FOCUS - Firestore FS-4 and FS-4 Pro are the first DV Disk Recorder with Direct To Edit (DTE) technology, the hand-held camcorders were designed for. Only the FS-4 combines a small, rugged and shock-resistant design with the functions of the DTE technology.

After the NAB2005, the FS-4PRO by the new HDV format are updated software cost.

Capturing belongs to the past!

The tapeless recording has emerged as a standard in broadcast production quickly established. With the FS-4 and FS-4 Pro will capture the superfluous. They are characterized Direct To Edit (DTE) directly from your camcorder to your hard drive. When you have finished recording, you connect the FS-4 via firewire to your computer and can immediately with the post - start editing! No more capturing, no file transfer is necessary but possible, no file conversion. Just shoot and then edit it.

True DTE (Direct to Edit) Technology

No matter which nonlinear editing system you are using DV, the FS-4 provides the correct format. Please FS-4 in the following formats to record to disk as AVI Type 1, AVI Type 2, AVI Type 2 24p, Matrox AVI, Canopus AVI, QuickTime or QuickTime 24p.Das FS-4 Pro model also supports MXF, Pinnacle AVI and Avid DV OMF.

Fast and efficient processing

When you have finished the recordings, makes the FS-4 and FS-4 Pro as a normal hard drive to your PC or Mac to follow. transfer the video clips on their NLE Media Drive for up to four times real-time or edit the material immediately in real-time by-4 as a data source to use FS.

Safe Shooting

They can also strip and on the FS-4 to record. To get in addition to the archive tape a clean source of digital processing, for the FS-4 is immune to receiving dropouts.

Compact, lightweight and shock resistant design

When you have finished the recordings, makes the FS-4 and FS-4 Pro as a normal FireWire to the Mac or PC editing system to connect hard disk. Use the FS-4 as a data source and immediately begin editing in real time with. Alternatively, you can clip into up to four times real time speed on your NLE Media Drive transfer.

Flexible Capacities and Power

The FS-4 comes standard with a 40 GB hard drive (3 hours) and the FS-4 Pro with either a 40 GB or 80 GB hard drive (6 hours) as standard. FS-4 If you connect two units, you can even record 12 hours! Both FS-4 models are slim removable battery packs feature. The FS-4, a power supply with power supplies are also.

Simple operation and control, and easy update

The FS-4 is via a FireWire cable, which video, audio, time code and control information transfers, combined with her camcorder.If a cartridge is inserted into your camcorder with any camcorder recording also features a clip on the FS-4 FS-4 erstellt.Der a large, backlit display, menu system for control and management of the unit.

FS-4 Pro features

to standard DTE Technology file formats supported Additionally FS-4 Pro MXF, Avid OMF and Pinnacle AVI. The FS-4 Pro also offers a retro-record mode with two functions:

  • Retro - Cache, a 10-second large area of the recording before the beginning of the recording is set at the start.
  • Retro - Disk, a freely definable area on the hard disk, which is recorded on the loop while you wait for the event. If the accident occurred, and then start recording, is the loop - at the beginning of the recording area provided. Thus you are also recordings available without this feature would not have been possible.
  • Scene Marking, to catalog the clip by recording a pre-designated folder put the. You can also individually and loop playback modes set time frames.

Additional Information

FS-4 and FS-4 Pro Portable DTE disk recorders are designed for use with handheld camcorders. Both FS-4 models have an internal hard drive, a portable housing and a lot of recording, playback and control features provided with.


  • Weddings and Events
  • Outdoors
  • Independent Film
  • Commercial and industrial production
  • Education and training

Input / Outputs
  • DV video I / O - 25Mb / s (1x 6-pin IEEE-1394)
  • HDV from NAB2005 (software upgradeable to charge)
  • FireWire Computer I / F - up to 400Mb / s (1 x 6-pin IEEE-1394)
  • GPI & RS-232C Control (1 x 3.5mm mini jack)
  • 15V DC, 7.5W
  • Mini-jack power connector
  • Custom Removable Li-ion Rechargeable Battery Pack (about 90 minutes running time)
Physical Specification
  • Dimensions: 1.59 "x 5.6" x 3.74 "(with battery)

Audio / Video / Timecode Specification
  • 25Mb / s, 8-bit 4:1:1 (NTSC-DV) or 4: 2:0 (PAL-DV) video (model dependent)
  • DV Embedded Timecode (Drop oderNon-Drop)
  • Embedded 2-ch (16-bit, 48kHz) or 4-ch (12-bit, 32kHz) audio
DTE File Formats
  • RawDV, AVI Type 1, AVI Type 2, Matrox AVI, Canopus AVI, QuickTime, AVI Type 2 24p, QuickTime 24p
  • FS-4PRO Only: MXF, Pinnacle AVI, Avid DV OMF
Disk Information
  • Internal Disk Type: 80GB, 5400RPM, 8MB cache
  • Disk Format: FAT32
  • FS-4 compatible with Windows 98SE, ME, 2000, XP undMac OS9 & 10 with
Compatible Camcorder
  • XL1/XL1s Canon, GL2, XL2
  • DSR-PD150/-170 Sony DSR-PD100, DCR-VX2000/VX2100
  • JVC GY-DV300
  • AG-DVX100A/-100 Panasonic, AG-DVC30, AG-DVC7
  • Any DV25 Capable Deck or Camcorder with FireWire I / O
  • Removable Li-ion Battery Pack (about 90 minutes running time)
  • Remote Control

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